JOB SITE ANALYSIS (JSA) FORM Project Location: Date: Project #: Weather Conditions: Prime Contractor: Sub-Contractor (s): Scope of Work: Bore-hole Drilling Confined Space Demolition Drilling, Grinding,
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we're going to look at how to make a PDF form from an Excel template this is the original request and the requester asks to replicate a form that's on a website which looks like this things to notice most of these are text fields there are a couple of drop-down lists list boxes here and a few radio buttons and checkboxes what I've done is mock this up in Excel the thing that Excel lets you do most easily is line up all the fields it makes alignment pretty easy what I've tried to do in most cases is put the field label in one column and then use the borders and choose bottom border for the cells adjacent to it when we go to bring this into Acrobat Acrobat is going to be shrewd enough to understand that this is a text field now in one case here with zip I didn't add enough columns enough separate columns to make this work because I'm sharing this with this little place for a radio button so what I probably want to do here is just insert another column then I'll probably want to reduce this by that width so this is 37 so I'll take this down from 14 point 8 to 10 point something okay so now what that should let me do is then I can move doctorat over to the left still have my space for that and still have zip which probably I want to just copy an or cut and paste here and then a line right that'll be more consistent with all the other ones just do a quick quick print preview to make sure that it will snuggle onto one page nicely and it does so once I've gotten this laid out the way I want notice that for the list boxes this one and this guy I'm just not putting anything there and I'm leaving blank spaces next to the checkbox the radio buttons and checkboxes that I want so these are going to be little check marks these guys are going to be radio buttons I'm just leaving those blank okay I'm going to save these changes and then I think I'm going to want to just close this Acrobat is going to reopen it when we do the import so I'm going to go to start and open up Acrobat here it's going to say create form and from an existing document okay I'm going to browse to the document and I'm going to select the Excel you okay Acrobat announces that I'm in form editing mode which is fine for me since I want to edit a form I'm going to bump up the zoom a little bit so I can see better and you'll notice a couple of things on the right this is going to show you the the tab order of your fields so when we go to add in our additional fields the specialty ones like the drop-down lists we're going to end up having to shift them around over here on the right to make sure that the tab order works okay so it looks as if and again it's a kind of a cursory run-through as if my text fields are okay so I'm just going to go up here and add a field I'm going to choose list box and once I've chosen list box it's got the little crosshairs here that let me line it up with...